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Tenley Beazley Fine Art, ‘Pastoral and Beyond’

Melanie Roupas, M Press - Living, May 16, 2014


Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with friend and very talented artist Tenley Beazley. Her current exhibition titled Pastoral and Beyond is currently on display at Quirk Gallery in Richmond, Virginia until the 31st of May.  Tenley  draws her inspiration from nature using various techniques and mediums to create pieces of art that are dimensional, layered and full of textures.


In describing her current works of art Tenley says,  “I have attempted to push my paper ‘canvas’ beyond what it typically houses, layering a mix of materials to visually achieve these landscapes of nature while still maintaining the details”.

"Art and Soul"

​Mara Boo, Renovation Style, Winter 2011


Tenley Beazley experiences a comforting sense of déjà vu each time she sits at her dining room table. The chairs encircling it could hardly be more familiar; after all, “they came from my childhood home,” Tenley says. So, too, did the crystal chandelier that floats above. The art hanging nearby? She painted it herself. In fact, Tenley says, the house she shares with her husband, Wyatt, and their three children “is all about things we’ve inherited, created, collected on travels, or purchased from friends who are artists. It’s about living with things we love and things that make us happy.” The Beazleys’ meaningful and varied belongings are surprisingly at home with the elegant architecture of the family’s 1923 Colonial-style house in Richmond, Virginia. “Wyatt and I loved how beautiful—and beautifully kept—this house was when we bought it,” Tenley says. “But with three kids and two dogs, we knew we needed to update it to make it more family-friendly.”

"What I've learned"

​Mara Boo, Renovation Style, Winter 2011


Unswayed by trends or traditions, Virginia artist Tenley Beazley shares her thoughts on renovating a home and finishing it with flair.


Q:You’ve been through renovation projects before.
What did you do differently this time?

A:I thought ahead about lighting and lighting fixtures. It often takes a while to find the right fixture, so it
was a part of the whole planning process this time.

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