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I find inspiration for my art in individual elements of nature and often use the actual element as a tool in the process of my art.  The element is broken down, only to be re-built in the art.  In the process, I hope to bring attention to the details of nature that are so often missed while challenging the eye as to what is representational and what is contrived. 


I admit that the final aesthetic outcome of the piece is important to me, but I strive to obtain a depth of surface that challenges the viewer beyond the initial observation.  It is at this point that I hope to communicate that my process is as important as the composition.  I challenge my paper ‘canvases’ as I layer them with various mediums, including encaustic, creating a richer aesthetic than what is initially realized.


Through my art, I seek to communicate my own love, appreciation, and respect of nature.  I also strive to achieve a technique to render these works that is unique.


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